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Galle - Kandy - Arugam Bay :D

..by Jade :)

sunny 39 °C

After another week of volunteering, eating crackers for lunch and trying to make it exciting - Starter - 'The PLain' - no topping, Main Course - 'Butter/Marmite Cracker' - depending on personal taste and Dessert - 'The Jam Tart' Cracker with mixed fruit jam, walking through the streets of Galle knowing EXACTLY how it feels to be A Celebrity - constant waving and saying hello!! As well as Jade and Laura VS The Big Spider - one VERY early morning, and explaining the difference between the Scottish and Australian Accent to a baffled Lil Rach!! haha!!

One Afternoon of volunteering shines above the rest - It was VERY amusing when laura got the point completely wrong and this ended up happening....

The teacher showing the Class....

Teacher - "My name is Mr Perara, my friends name is Sophie - Sophie is very serious!"
Sophie - "My name is Sophie, my friends name is Ceri - Ceri is very clever!"
Ceri - "My name is Ceri, my friends name is Kim - Kim is very keen!"
Kim - "My name is Kim, my friends name is Jade - Jade is very jolly!"
Jade - "My name is Jade, my friends name is Mari - Mari is a monster!"
Mari - "My name is Mari, my friends name is Laura - Laura is Loopy!"
Laura (very enthusiastically) "My name is Laura, my friends name is Rachel and she is very HAPPY!!"

...Everyone laughed and it took Laura a few seconds to realise what she had done wrong.... hahaha!!!

Anywhooo, after seeing beautiful Turtles and holding them - from the newborn to older and bigger ones - which flapped soooo hard, one cheeky Mr Turtle left me with a pink wrist!! haha!
We also went to a BIG SEAFOOD BBQ - a FREE BBQ might I add, cos thats how we roll!! In Unawatuna Beach Resort - we danced sooo hard all night which included dance offs with the locals lol, we also ate our bodyweight in normal food which made us all very happy, apart from Poor Laura who sicked it all back up :(

We planned our trip for our 5 busy days in Kandy and it just so happened our cheapest option was to hire a minibus, along with our very own driver - a lovely Sri Lankan man called 'Douglas' who apparently spoke such good English one girl had a 3hour conversation with him - BULLSHIT!! Well, he didn't have a bloody clue what we were saying anyway..

Our time came to say Goodbye to everyone in Galle and we headed out in our pimped out van with our main man Douglas and made our way to Kittagalla for some White Water Rafting - which my God was absolutely amazing!!!! We all just wanted to do it Again!! This day ended badly though because it just so happened that Laura's camera VANISHED - one minute it was next to my camcorder on the dressing table in our shitty Motel and next it was gone :( still confused at them leaving the camcorder lol, Poor Laura again :(

Anyway we made the 3 hour journey to Kandy and our first stop was SHOPPING!! - but we were soooo obsessed with this bakery called 'The White House' we hardly left there, it was set out like the Future - we were all suprised that Robots weren't serving us hahaha!! Then we went to see traditional Sri Lankan dancers in the night, the outfits were incredible and there was one rather freaky dance which they believe will cure people with mental illnesses. We saw fire eating, fire walking and this amazing fire show at the end and Twathead here forgot to press 'record' on the camcorder BAD TIMES!!

Next day we were up early to go see some elephants that was fantastic we got to Bathe and feed an elephant as well as go for an elephant ride - This all got a bit too much for Lil Rach who cried, bless her!! On the way back we visited Kandy's Botanical Gardens - which was rather crap, but a good opportunity to take some random fotatoes on the only camera standing - Lil Rach's Non-Make Camera!! hahahaaa!! We then went to the Temple of The Tooth - apparently one of the Buddha's teeth was saved from his funeral and this huge temple was then built to store it. It was a rather big temple for one tooth and I felt really disrespectful because lots of Buddhists were praying!

The night ended AWESOME though with a PIZZA HUT - yes the real thing!! and a bottle of Vodka and Sri Lanka's own - 'Arrack' which sent us to bed all rather tipsy! - which Dougy boy joined in with!! lol Fragile the next day we made our way to the 'Sigiriya Rock' we left our Kandy hotel at 9am because Douglas told us the journey only took an hour and a half... After 'How to lose a guy in ten days' and 'Notting Hill' on the bus - fun times, and a Chris Brown singalong by Moi - which wasn't really appreciated... FIVE HOURS LATER - We arrived!!

The history behind Sigiriya Rock was confusing, whether it was once an active volcano or a huge Monastry but we opted for no guide after the Hefty admission fee of $30, the most I think we have spent on anything here!! ...It was a hell of a walk up the millions of steps but an hour later we made it WOOHOOO!! Ridiculously sweaty but incredibly proud of ourselves YAY!! The view was just phenomenal... the time to walk down the steep steps came but we saw an hilarious family of Monkeys which kept us all amused, then after tackling more steps we came to a man with a HUGE SNAKE - which we all held - Britney style!!! GO US!!! Then we paid to watch a Cobra dance, it poked its head out, got flicked by the man then went back to sleep haha!!

The end was coming to our manic few days in Kandy and now for the next part of our trip - Relaxing for ten days in Arugam Bay!! ahhhh yeaaaahhh!! But first to do the 6 hour trek to the East Coast... instead of doing them altogether we decided to drive for 3 hours that evening then sleep and do the final 3 hours the next morning... After the 3 hours we stopped it 'Batticola' my lonely planet book told us of 'YMCA' a cheap, pleasant hotel.... In reality - Cheap YES! Pleasant - NO! An absolute shithole!!! (we all agreed) - Also, the 'YMCA' stood for 'Young Man's Christian Association' I genuinely thought the 5 of us in shorts and vests would be sent on our way - very embarrassing!!! ....anywhoo we made it!! and after a painful goodbye with Douglas lol, we arrived at the destination we were all sooooo excited for - to do literally F ALL for ten days.... ARUGAM BAY BABYYY!!

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The weekend

by Kim..


Friday night, After a week full of curry we decided to hit Unwatuna for Buffet and Cocktails...AMAZING! Ended up going for a walk down the beach and stumbling across a club on the beach - 'Happy Banana' it was class!! Rach was off in seconds she was loving the music, it was here we met the Pirate Hunters and where we lost Mari to a lovely young gentleman who also owns a fish and chip shop lol! I was leered in by a Sri Lankan boy speaking about the Tsunami who clearly got the wrong impression and wouldn't leave me alone, luckily I bumped into a Scottish navy man who roared at him to F off! Thank you lovely Scottish man!

We didnt leave the beach til 5am, so funny!! Jade's camera broke though boo!

Saturday we woke up a tad squishy and fancied a chill out one down the beach However, one thing lead to another and we ended up leaving at 3.30 in the morning that is! It was amazing, Jade and Rachel saw a Sri Lankan Ronnie from Jersey Shore and I saw my friend Miranda - what are the chances? Good times!! Shes given us all little tips for our travels - we are soooo excited for Arugam Bay now! Jade also met the American male version of herself who made her super dooper excited for San Diego!!

Sunday - after another awesome night we have woken up a little bit fuzzy - well I have anyway.. Nevertheless we are off sightseeing to Galle Fort and Temple. After thinking a Muslim Temple and Roman Catholic Church were what we were looking for - we gave up and got a TukTuk to Galle Town and found a man called Muhammad a small man with no teeth and '20 friends' from the UK -he took us to the town and showed us a few places that we didnt particuarly need or want to see, and inisisted he wanted nothing from us. Towards the end of the little journey he started telling us how the Tsunami affected him and how he had lost his wife and his daughter had contracted Polio, he said he didn't want money but wanted Milk Powder from the Pharmacy. We were confused but headed off to the Pharmacy but he got confused and thought we were walking off on refusing so he looked over and started swearing at us - I'm still not over it! ha! We got back and told everyone what happened and apparently it's a common scam and that they have a deal with the Pharmacy? I think they may sell it back to them and have the money or something, how bad is that? On the plus side... Rachel has found Aloe Vera for her skin!! ha! and has now faded from Purple to Pink, woohoo!!

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our first few days by kim

Galle, Unawatuna, Karrapitiya

30 °C

We have arrived in sunny Colombo greeted by an army of Sri Lankan men not leting us anywhere near our cases so they can load up our really lovely mini bus. I personally thought they were being gentlemen but quickly realised they wanted 'English coins' hmmm. Our driver however, was not on the grab. He was lovely! He even stopped for fruit and coffee - even for our first 'Hopper' LUSH! He also stopped to show us a Tsunami Memorial and a water buffalo, good times! We also saw our first elephant on the back of a truck.. well... an elephants arse!

We have woken up in our little house and decided to go to the beach, we are going by a tuk tuk haha!! (google it!!!) our base is our sort of mentors hotel - Unwatauna Beach Resort its amazing and right on the beach. The waves are mental - proper roid heads... I thought it was going to take my bag at one point, and we nearly lost Jade... ha! so we swiftly moved to the pool to save being swept out to sea where we saw the funniest aqua aerobics session EVER - Matt would be creased!! As that was going on we decided to vacate the water and catch some rays... This was the last point we would see Rachel with normal skin. She is now purple with what looks like a white bikini sprayed on. But on a brighter note - we noticed this place sells Pizza! Good times!! So... this afternoon we are getting all aftersunned up and heading down to Galle Nursing School to teach the nurses (Welshy) English - Jade even tried getting them to add "is it" to their vocabulary haha! We headed back for grub and then discovered Lion Beer - cheap as chips!! Excellent times!!

Day 3 in the Big Brother house and Laura is now borderline Anorexic..I love the food but everyone else hates it.. Actually Mari quite likes it too.

On the subject of food we had a lush doughnut thing for breakfast it was amazing!!

Im constantly getting abused for saying "lush" Thanks Princess Sophie!!

We had our first day in Karrapitya Hospital today too...everyone was realy nice - they are arranging for us to each work in our chosen speciality which is really nice!! We began with m choice - Oncology - we worked on the wards today shadowing the Consultant - the ward is soooo crowded it is actually shocking!! Patients are actually sleeping on floors. All the nurses look so smart - their uniform is lovely. Really formal.. a bit like a really old school version of ours - hat and everything. They are so dwty though we look like giants compred to them. The waiting room for clinic was mental too - rows and rows and rowsof old people on patio chairs with a nurse picking her nose on the side EW!! After all that we went to go and change some money - or for Mari to rinse the Bank!! I swear she must have withdrawn ALL the money they had.

We then began a quest for cheapy Lion Beer by Tuk Tuk. We stopped in 3 supermarkets and there was FIVE of us piled in the Tuk Tuk - Im still creased thinking about it!! We eventually found some anyway... but Jade noticed they sold EXTRA STRONG, told all of us loudly and confused the cashier (after we had paid for 20 bottles). To cut a long story short we have ended up with 2 crates of Sri Lank's version of SPECIAL BREW... Goodnight Irene! The journey was super cheap though considering we were on the road for a whole hour. Rachel accidentally hagled the first part of he journey by randomly saying "250" in conversation... the driver agreed instantly and we didnt even ask... ha!!

When we got back me and Mari went for a run. It was hilarious. Literally like a gay jungle rocky film or something. Everyone was beeping and egging us on from their Tuk tuk's ha!!

After that me and Mari decided to reward ourselves with a strong Lion beer...and so did Janaka so it seems as he stole one of ours (thinking it was normal strength) and driving off into the night with a lovely British bloke called Gad, who I keep calling Gaz!

While we were eating tonight a massive beetles flew at the table and Jade went wild, so Wild she scared Rachel who spilt Mari's beer all over the table which prompted me to shout "SHIT!" Thinking about setting up a rupee swear box my mouth is like a sewer!! I Blame it on the Lion beer, me and Mari felt smashed by 9pm!

We also did our first wash this tonight and flooded the bathroom - Unfortunate!

Day 4 - This morning we went for a teaching session with the Oncology Consultant - he is so nice bless him! Think he expected us to go back in tomorrow though - Saturday = NO GO!! Saw monkeys outside the house today too - Good times!!!

....more coming soonies when we have time!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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